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Urban Consulting, LLC Copywrite 2018         

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Bespoke Business Consulting


I'm Montanna, owner of Urban Consulting. I can't wait to begin our partnership!

Exclusive support, feedback and actionable advice on how to refine and improve your business.
Building a business all on your lonesome can be tough and tiring work. Wearing all the hats and making all the decisions on your own can lead to overwhelm, fatigue and a lack of confidence in direction. As a small business owner and entrepreneur, I understand that feeling of being overwhelmed perfectly!
We can ask our friends and business groups what we need to do but in the end, it's expert and practical advice we need to help us move our business up to the next level.
If your business does not have a solid foundation it won't matter how many followers you have because the risk your business now inherently has is a volcano ready to erupt. This is why I am so pleased to be offering one-on-one support for small business owners and entrepreneurs who struggle with their brands legal, compliance and operational direction.
A private consultation is your chance to invest in yourself and save time by quickly diagnosing and finding solutions to your problems or better yet, creating a solid plan to avoid problems in the first place. Get ahead by booking your private consultation today.
A consultation is
perfect if you:
  • Worry that your brand is not operating legally
  • Know your brand doesn't meet all legal & compliance requirements in most areas
  • Feel uneasy when directing someone to your website for fear that you don't have the right policies, procedures or ADA compliance
  • Lack direction, clarity or strategy in where you should begin
  • You're spending more time on Google trying to understand what your brand needs
  • Consciously ignoring it hoping it will go away

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